I call him Joe,lives a few blocks from me. Whenever we meet, Joe always tells me how rich and successful he wants to be in the future. Today he’ll say I want to be a doctor, tomorrow it’s a lawyer, next tomorrow an accountant, and a day after, a business tycoon. Joe always has some thing he wants to
become but never pursued it. I met him the other day and he was complaining about the recession in the country, how over 400 companies had left the country, he gave me the huge statistics of jobless graduates in the streets and he said, “if only our country was not in recession, I would have been rich by this
time”. Now the same Joe that complains is the same person I see every month end buying new cloths and shoes for himself, he even bought an iphone, he loves eating suya alot and has about three girlfriends he goes out with. This night, Joe came to me and said, “Bro, I see you’re a writer and I even went through your book THE RICHEST MERCHANT IN GREECE, please tell me, how
do I know if I will be rich tomorrow? ” and I smiled and here is what I said to Joe which is also applicable to you who wants to be rich tomorrow. How do you know if you will be rich tomorrow? What are the signs? Well, here are the 7 signs that you will be rich tomorrow:

1) There is one quality that distinguishes the rich from the poor and that is: SPECIFICITY (Knowing who you are, what you want to be, and making effort to become that one thing) : if I say Michael Jordan, what comes to your mind? (basketball), how about Michael Jackson? (Music!), Oprah Winfrey? (TV show!), Dangote? (Cement!), Chimamanda? (Writing!). Pick your passion and build
wealth from it. If you’re confused about what you want in life you hardly will become anything significant.

2) One quality that produces results faster than anything else is acting instantly on your ideas. The rich call it the “hit shot”, if I have an idea to start writing a book, I start instantly, if I have an idea to invest in something, I do it immediately. The more you procrastinate, the lesser your chances of becoming rich. look, you’ve been talking about this idea for over 3 years now and you’ve done nothing! stop talking and start doing! that’s how results are produced.

3) Obviously, you can’t escape this: Reading books that connects to what you want to become. The only book some people read is obviously FACEBOOK! you can’t burn your time on cheap things and expect great results. The last time, I saw Bill Gate reading his book of the month, I saw Mark Zuckerberg founder of facebook also reading his book of the month. when I say reading, am not talking about your magazines that contains gossips and lovely pictures, am talking of books like “Think and Grow Rich” “The power of money” “The millionaires mindset” and a whole lot of books that have the capacity to put you on your way to wealth creation.

4) The fourth way to know if you will be rich tomorrow is by looking at the kind of friends that you hang out with. Do they talk about money, business, success, prosperity, and ideas? or do they see these things as evil or a game of luck. Do they appreciate your talent and always seek ways to improve you or they are jealous of you and find ways of discouraging you. If your friends are not idea driven please move out of that clique. This also goes for your mentors, I know you’re very spiritual but you have to be money conscious otherwise you will end up worshipping it if you can’t control it.

5) You can’t be rich if all you do with money is to spend it on cloths, shoes, smart and expensive phones and on food. You love eating a lot, you love hanging out and after eating a five thousand buck worth of food, you go to the toilet and shit it out! 5000 has just been put in the toilet! You must Learn to DELAY GRATIFICATION. Stop acting rich and be rich!

6) What do you spend your money on? We know that saving money is an old rule of getting rich, the new rule of money is to spend your money on valuables! That means put in your money to work for you. If you save, find something to use the money for that can bring in profit for you. Here’s a big secret that the rich use, they create a platform for themselves where their money can work for them and profit them. some create ideas and sell it, some invent and patent it, some start a company and grow it, some make music, some write and speak, some build a name through political career or leadership. They always have a system that works for them and brings in the income. Obviously, you already know that YOUR SALARY CANNOT MAKE YOU RICH, therefore, one sign to know if you will be rich is in your diligence to work and the ability to create a system that works for you.

7) The last sign to know if you will be rich tomorrow is how you relate with people and God. Remember, people are your wealth and the richest of all is not the one who puts millions in the bank but he who puts smile on the face of people and makes them feel loved and cared for. Can’t you see that every rich person wants to be a philanthropist? They are always trying to raise a foundation or support the needy because they know that loving and giving are the easiest ways of accumulating riches. God said, “The silver and gold are mine” and so are “the cattle on a thousand hills”. Never put your trust in uncertain riches but pray to God always, do his bidding, follow his master plan and you shall prosper beyond measures. You shall have riches without sorrow.

These are the 7 signs that shows if you will be rich tomorrow. So keep striving, the world won’t give you success, you must go out there and get it. You will sweat for it but never give up on it. Day in and day out work on your greatest passion and deepest desire and you shall succeed. Thank you.

About the author

Jerry Amwe is an author, entrepeneur, motivational speaker, counsellor, and a medical professional. He is a classic writer and holds a masters degree in Pharmacology and Therapeutics from the University of Ibadan, also a product of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He is the founder and President of THE VISION CENTRE, an organization and ministerial mandate he runs with his friend and partner Emmy O. which is dedicated to the inspiring of Nations and focuses on third world countries, developing nations, and the world at large. Jerry Amwe holds a quarterly inspirational conference within the country where hundreds of lives are transformed and inspired. He has authored books like: The richest merchant in Greece, The student with a difference, and Alzheimers disease: 7 possible cures and better ways to care for loved ones. You can find the e-copies of these books also on the amazon store and e-bay.

You can reach him via the email: jerryamwe@gmail.com and follow him on his facebook page: jerry amwe. And you can also follow his trends on the official facebook page: THE VISION CENTRE…Inspiring Nations.

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