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I don’t see myself in any office settings


Fashion consultant, model,dancer, and instructor of the face of petite Nigeria, Adebola Omogbeminiyi has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. After a degree in History, from University of Benin, she took up a career in the media- an OAP which have catapulted her into success in recent years. Oyeniran Taiwo Adeyinka couldn’t wait to ask the star few questions about growing up, work and more.


BM mag: Thanks for joining me on Business mind magazine. Let’s get to know you?
Adebola: My name is Adebola Omogbeminiyi, an Indigene of Ondo State, and an OAP by profession. I work with Sun city FM and Cetvng.

BM mag:How was growing up for you like?
Adebola: Going up for me was the best. It was more of exposure. I knew a lot of things as at then, I knew more. Thanks to God and to my parents. I had good educational background,so the english was there ready and I had to build more on it. I grew up in Edo State, Benin city precisely. It was fun. There, I was opportuned to relate with a lot of talented children back then in church. I was in the children choir, so I had to act with the drama group at some point. I sing too. So my career started while I was young. Like talking in public, I wasn’t having stage fright, I could stand in front of a big crowd. So growing up was really fun. Grinning

BM mag:Which radio station do you work with?
Adebola: I work with sun city 101.9FM,at Ondo. I co-host a show with Mr K(my boss). Wakaka,its a pigin English program though. I have my own segment on the program, which talks about fashion and health. How to take care of yourself. How not to bridge fashion rules.

BM mag:Being an OAP and a TV presenter? How do you cope between these two?
Adebola: These had been the dream. To be around the media. To be on TV,to be heard on air. So I take it very seriously, and I don’t joke with it. I always have my way to balance it. I handle Hope and Common on Cetvng -a platform set for young folks. Young talented and creative individuals-it could be those who know how to sing,dance etc. Where fans got to listen to their success story,showcase them to their fans,connect them to the world. Am just living my dream,seriously have not seen any problem balancing the two. Am always there,and ready to work. That’s the kind of person I am. I cope between the two jobs because have always loved to be around the media world, so I balance it well, nothing suffers.

BM mag:Tell us a bit about your TV career, the most recent being Cetvng?
Adebola: Like I said the other time. On cetvng,I hold a program where we give young,talented individuals, creative ones the opportunity to make people know them. Where we showcase them to the world. So people can hear their success story so far. Here,we bring them to spotlight. That’s all we do. There are other segment on cetvng too like sip it. Up and coming. I believe in upcoming people who are trying to be somebody. So,interacting with them,so as to know how they feel makes me feel good. Like am still growing too. So talking to my likes is the best thing. I can understand them perfectly well. Like minds achieve greater feet!


BM mag:What prepared you for career in broadcasting?
Adebola: What prepared my career in the broadcast scene was that as a child have always loved Mrs Abike Dabiri, Funmi Coker (now  Mrs Funmi wakama). I always positioned myself in front of the TV to watch these people. So those were my inspiration. Have always knew, this is what I want. It has been there from the inside. I have never imagined myself sitting down in an office from morning till 4pm. So have always watch these great people. They are women and I know for the fact that they did it,means I can make it too. It means I will get there too. So ,that was the drive and my mum strongly believing in my dream as well. She is that big strength behind everything. And thanks to God. I wish to go to a presenting school,but I just discovered that its something that just came naturally. Am not been proud. If I later have my chance nothing can stop me from attending one,so I can learn the basics. For now I think am doing well to an extent.

BM mag:What did you study at school?
Adebola: I studied history in school. I wanted mass communication. Then in my school, if I did,I would have been in Isewa Compus. I didn’t like isewa Campus. They gave me history. Then I sticked to it. I wanted to change in 200L but,at a point I started liking the course. It made me being able to write and narrate for a long time. It helped in one way along my career, because as a broadcaster, you should be able to jot fact down, source for news,in a conference you should be able to write, collect different information, so that I see as a help into this career too. So am a proud historian.

BM mag: Adebola,as a historian, If you are not an On-Air-personality, what job would you have taken up?
Adebola: I don’t know. I don’t see myself in any office settings. Seriously,I would have just stick to modeling,then acting too. But I don’t see myself in an office setting. Am trying so hard,but I can’t be in an office for a long. You know a cooperate office allows sitting for a long time, but I am just this kind of person that loves to move around, and do what I love.


BM mag:What does it take to be an On Air Personality (OAP)?
Adebola: You have to be current, you have to be fashionable .You have to be committed. You have to have passion for it. Because most times, passion will take you there. Even without pay,you have to be on track. Money isn’t going to come in at first, but during these time,one have to be passionate, patient and be ready to learn. You have to be submissive to people you met there before even though how talented you are,you have to learn from people who are ahead of you. We learn everyday,you cant know everything so one need to be humble learning his or her way to the top.

BM mag: How does music influence you as an OAP?
Adebola: Music influence me a lot. I love music. I love to dance to its tune. Music influences me a lot in different ways,like when am going on air,it makes me think of new thing to say,it brings new idea. Everybody loves music so do I.
BM mag: Do you engage in pre-show ritual? Or you just go for it?
Adebola: I go for it. Like I prepare my script,I get to read it and just attack it straight up. Like there is always this strategy for it. Giggles… When you are just there,you just keep flowing. This is what you do,since you do it regularly, it isn’t new to you. When I started though, I could do it for like five times. But as time goes on,it flows naturally, it comes naturally for me.

BM mag:How has the experience been like since you started?
Adebola: The experience have been fabulous. It has been wonderful. Every new day I learn new things. There are discouragement. There are some time you will be moody, but you still have to go on there, make your listeners ,your viewers happy. When you are on air,it doesn’t have to do with all the emotion right now,your viewers and listeners are those who will be your concern at that moment. So,the experience has been wonderful. I feel blessed,honored for my voice to be heard and for me to be viewed. Its like a stair case,I just keep climbing the ladder. Am happy climbing it even though there is nothing much at this point, but its still a movement.

BM mag:How do you see yourself as OAP in five years time?
Adebola: I see myself big. I see myself as mentors to other people,to other OAPs coming in. When you mention my name, it should sound familiar. Probably when you Google my name, you should be able to see full history about me. I see myself being happy with my family, known for what I do,be good in what I do,and be a mentor to other people.

BM mag:Can you tell us one bizarre thing a male fan has ever done to you?
Adebola: I was some where at some point,I really know he actually knew me,because am this kind of person that is different on air and different on ground. I like to keep things low and coded. And I was surprised he was able to recognize me,he stopped to shout my name. He was like “really is that you! Oh,I like your shoe! I was really surprised that noon. I didn’t get to know on time,would have taken my time to talk with him. I was shocked because it was unexpected. it was one nice moment,and one nice feeling.


BM mag:Your advice to youngsters
Adebola: Well,dreams come true,though life could be very funny ,how it turns out. But still hold on to your dream and believe. If you are hard working and you keep trying and prayerful,your dream will come true. Be prayerful, always tell God what you want, then He gives you what you pray to him. He gives you what you preach, what you want. Keep trying,be submissive, one can’t get to the top just in one day. Learn from people in that career. Always pull your head down. Pride can’t get you anywhere, no matter how good you are! People are there before you,so you have to pay your dues. Paying your dues is respecting them. Lastly,you have to be passionate. If its all about money,you won’t get there. At point of discouragement,your passion is there to help you scale through. Dreams come true, yours will as well.

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Celebrity chef and Restauranteur, Muneera Tahir is famously called “Chef Muse by her clients and admirers.
Her love for food started early. After a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Abuja, she ventured into this culinary business which she still enjoys without any regret.
She talks about her food, the changing food scene in the country and her future plans in an exclusive interview with Oyeniran Taiwo Adeyinka.

Can we meet you?
Having her audience here is Chef Muse; Also known as Muneera Tahir.

Why did you choose to become a chef?
I have a bachelors degree in philosophy as a result of my parental discretion. But fulfilling potential- the essence of creation, I found culinary career as that potential am designed to express and fulfil, and I enthusiastically ventured into it without any regret.

Why the name chef muse?
Given the meaning of the word “muse” I want to be an inspiration to people that can relate to my story. Life is all about being inspired and being an inspiration to others. I feel it’s mandatory and obligatory to be one, so the name: Chef Muse.

How do you describe your style of cooking?
I’d say it’s just simple and classy; often, I try new things and I end up creating a model recipe. Culinary service is all about trying new things and coming up with a model style (recipe) that can be adopted by others. But I must bold attest that I end up activating the sweet taste buds of my clients and myself.

Is there a secret ingredient you love to cook with?
The secret ingredient is simple no secret ingredient.. lol

Is there any chef you truly admire and why?
I can say my inlaw ( my elder sister’s husband). I enjoy watching him cook, he is fantastic. Also I truly admire chef stone; I admire his simplicity and his drive for perfection.

What is your favourite meal?
Beans, especially when it’s well prepared.

Tell me about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career?
My past crafts of dexterity has been good and well credited. But i don’t think I’ve gotten to the level of what I really want and what I feel I can do.

Have you been asked to cook at personal gatherings? Does it annoy you or you enjoy it?
Yes I have! It was a pleasure and I always feel honoured with such

How involved are you in the risk management side of the business?
Venturing into a business is assumed that the entrepreneur has some knowledge or an inkling of risk management. I am fully involved, it’s a very critical domain within my business and I don’t want to play around.

Tell me something you would like to learn or improve upon?
Everything that pertains to life demand acquiring new ideas each day. My goal is to be better than I use to be. I want to be better than my yesterday, better than my throwbacks. Therefore there’s always a room for improvement and i totally subscribe to that.

How do you see the eatery scene changing in Nigeria?
I believe people are tired of the conventional and archaic dishes; their taste buds yearn for some nice flavours. Further to that, folks develop less time making meals for themselves, given their daily schedules. Definitely they would resolve to something new, nice and easily reached to keep their hearts pumping…lol

What are your future plans?
To be relevant to my clients within and outside the spheres of this country.

Any message for amateur cooks?
Speaking the words of Denzel Washington: Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. Keep trying till you live in perfection.

Can you help a potential client in locating your restaurant?Oh yes! L’italiano restaurant. we are located at no 19 durban street, wuse II , Abuja. 

How a client can connect with you? 

Tel: 08110895071. Instagram : @chef_muse . Twitter: @Seneire

Thanks for your time Chef Muse

Thanks for the opportunity. Its my pleasure.

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My target market are females who are not scared to look fashionable

She quit sending applications for a white collar job in her Country to start up a fashion business few years ago, and now it’s worth a fortune. Grace Barnabas-CEO of Badasky fashion house, really found her career as a fashion designer fulfilling.
She currently sells readymade dresses and thousands are buying into it. Oyeniran Taiwo Adeyinka unravels the Badasky’s success secret in his interview. Grace spoke with him about her fashion house,her past, and the future.


Could you please give a brief introduction of yourself to my readers in case a few of them may not be familiar with you?
My name is Grace Barnabas, but popularly called Badasky. An indigene of Kaduna State , came from a family of four , two elder brothers and a younger sister . Am also the CEO of Badasky fashion house.

You have a degree? But what motivated you to go into fashion designing?
I have a B.Sc. In Mass Communication , am a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria,Nigeria. I had and still have so much passion for fashion, since as a kid I told myself I will be a fashion designer, I will only attend school for the certificate, and so it happened.

Tell us how you started your business?
I had my fashion training before going for NYSC , as soon as my service year was over , I knew what next to do. I told my self I won’t submit any CV to any one. My parent supported me with the little they had ,I started with one machine. At first i had no employee. Then, I did all the sewing ,with one receptionist to support me. it wasn’t easy,but over time I employed some one to join me so we can meet demands. My passion pushed me through the difficult and hard times. But thank God today I have six staffs under me , and I have trained more than thirty student in the past years till date.

Fashion designing industry has become highly competitive today. This had made it important for the ones pursuing a career in this industry to work harder. How do you stay up to date with fashion?
To stay in a competitive business and succeed ,one have to go the extra mile , apply the little details that people ignore in the profession. Yet most importantly, develop your own pattern and style, do not follow trend , also knowing how to handle customer relationship is very important too . If once is able to put all these together you will always be a step ahead of your competitors.

What skills are important for a successful career in fashion designing?
To be successful in any business, one needs a practical knowledge of it. A good designer should know how to sew , even if you don’t intend to do the sewing yourself, he or she should also know how to sketch (it doesn’t have to be perfect) but atleast one should be able to express what he or she intend to make to a client on a paper .Also,there are some skills that are not learned in the class room but are important in the business. You needs to develop those skills with time, such as knowing what fit your client , colour combinations , fabric that fit a style , and a customer relationship.

You learned fashion in Nigeria and never worked for anyone else.Why did you launch your own brand straight away?
Yes, I attended a fashion school for 6months. I never worked for any one because it’s some thing I told my self long ago while in the University, that I will be my own Boss. Knowing what I wanted from little helped me since I already knew the direction I was heading to and knowing I could start small and grow some day gave me the courage.


Have heard about some softwares used in making fashion designs. Have you been able to use software to produce designs?
I started making sketches since in primary school. So I use my pencils and colours to make my sketches , but it would be an added advantage to learn the software designing of which I have considered .

Was there anyone in your family who made you feel like designing?
No one in my family sews or design dresses.

In what general area of design do you work?
I do specialises in female wears only. Mostly ready to wear like the wedding dresses.

Who is your target market?
My target market are females who are not scared to look fashionable. I like adventurous client and also I target potential brides to be.

What successes have you achieved since you started?
Success is a relative term, but so far I know I am far better than who I was years back.Skilled wise, I have improved over the years. I have workers , I have a training school and Badasky is gradually becoming a stronger brand not only in kaduna. Our customer base have extended internationally.

Have heard of customers complained about services received from fashion designer. Have you had any low points?
Our only down side is when it comes to picking calls. I know several people have complained to me about that. But we have improved.

Where do you see yourself in business in the next 5 Years ?
In the next five years I see Badasky as a well known brand both nationally and internationally. Badasky should be mentioned among best designers in Africa with a large customer base. In the next five years our training school would also be one of the best in the country.

Do you have a role model in fashion?
Yes, my role model is zuhairmurad. He inspires me a lot.

Grace (L) ,at a Fashion Event

How can potential customers reach your company?
Customers from Facebook, instagram and other social network can easily reach me via the contact on the bio. My office is located by stadium round about along constitution road ,the first upstairs there,at the middle 3rd floor. My email is , my instagram handle is @badaskyfashionhouse.

What advice do you have for individual still in fashion school or those who are planning to attend one?
To succeed in the fashion bussiness, first it should be about passion and interest but not the money. Your passion would push you through your hard times. Secondly you need commitment and determination to grow. Lastly, patience and tolerance is important to maintain your customers , as customers can be difficult atimes .
Thanks for your time Grace. Wish you more successes in business.

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The world doesn’t pay men for that which they know, but it does pays for what they do or induce others to do. Mandy Rachael Okhueleige,founder of the Mandy Rachael Designs and also a lead Volunteer for Street to Class campaign launches her first shoes design in January, 2012. She studied Zoology,at Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-ife,Osun State,Nigeria. She tells Oyeniran Adeyinka, the inspiration behind Mandy Rachael designs, her passion and more.

Please can we meet you?
My name is Mandy Rachael Okhueleige, from Edo state, Nigeria. I am the creative director for Mandy Rachael Designs and also a lead Volunteer for Street to Class campaign. I had my primary and secondary school education in Ibadan oyo state, after which I proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo University  in ile Ife for my tertiary education. I have a Bsc degree in zoology.

As an entrepreneur, what do you do?
I am into the production and selling of bags and shoes with leather and fabrics, especially the adire and Ankara fabrics. All my products me handmade and materials used are locally sourced as well.

What motivated you to go into this kind of business?
I have always had the passion for fashion right from childhood, my mom was a teacher then but she had a sewing machine she uses to make our clothes back in the days. The love for designing things came from there but due to my health status I was advised to go for an easier job like lecturing, but right before graduating from the university I started loving handmade bags, I have always thought all handbags were imported into the country from Europe, curiosity coupled with my old love for fashion led me into my present business.

Tell us how you started your business?
I started my first fashion brand “Novafrik Designs” in school as an undergraduate of obafemi awolowo university, It was a brand solely into the use of African fabrics in the production of shoes and bags and fashion accessories, but soon after my NYSC I moved to Lagos and founded my present brand Mandy Rachael Designs in my uncle’s garage, got it registered and started business officially.

Mandy’s handmade varieties

Leader-work industry has become highly competitive today. This has made it important for the ones pursuing a career in this industry to work harder. How do you stay up to date with classic styles?
Well for me fashion is timeless, and so I try to put the best in what I do. All our products are made to international standards, when you set your eyes on them you find it hard to believe it was actually made right here in Nigeria, that’s the cutting edge for me, and I keep improving on this quality day in day out.

How long have you been in business? With your experience so far, can you tell us what it takes to go into this business?
Well if I want to count from my days since starting out novafrik designs in 2012 I would say 5 years, and sincerely speaking what it takes is passion, diligence and a die hard spirit, this is because the journey is tough and it isn’t for the faint hearted. You also need to horn your skills which means you need to develop yourself fully and pay your dues by spending money on yourself for the crafts and above all you should trust in God.

Mandy’s workshop

What challenges have you faced so far?
The major challenges really are sourcing materials, most of these materials are imported into the country, you find a material today you love and customers love it too, you go back to restock and can’t find it again, you need to go back to the drawing table and think of a better alternative to use.
Getting people to buy our made in Nigeria products is another big challenge as well.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from just about anything around me, but most of the time it’s through music or in my quiet time.

Do you have any role model in this business?
I look up to a number of people I see as leaders in the industry
Femi Olayebi of femi handbags.
Zainab Ashadu of Zashadu
And Tunde Owolabi of ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

What vision do you have for your business?
I hope to grow my business to an internationally renowned brand that everyone would be proud of. Expand to the point of employing a good percentage of unemployed youths in Nigeria.

What’s your advice to people who are in the business and those planning to join?
My advice to people already in the business is to love one another and support each other, the sky is wide enough for the birds to fly without touching each other. And to those planning to join, horn your skills and know your craft. Never go into it if you do not have passion for it.

How can potential customers and trainees connect with you? I mean your contact- Tel, email and a website(if you have any)
You can reach me via email at or
You can also reach me via my phone lines 07038897672 (whatsapp enabled) or 08168685967.
Follow me on instagram @mandyrachael and @missmhendy
Like my facebook page @ or just search for Mandy Rachael Designs on facebook.

Thanks for your time Mandy. Wish you more successes in business.
Thank you too for having me.

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