Celebrity chef and Restauranteur, Muneera Tahir is famously called “Chef Muse by her clients and admirers.
Her love for food started early. After a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Abuja, she ventured into this culinary business which she still enjoys without any regret.
She talks about her food, the changing food scene in the country and her future plans in an exclusive interview with Oyeniran Taiwo Adeyinka.

Can we meet you?
Having her audience here is Chef Muse; Also known as Muneera Tahir.

Why did you choose to become a chef?
I have a bachelors degree in philosophy as a result of my parental discretion. But fulfilling potential- the essence of creation, I found culinary career as that potential am designed to express and fulfil, and I enthusiastically ventured into it without any regret.

Why the name chef muse?
Given the meaning of the word “muse” I want to be an inspiration to people that can relate to my story. Life is all about being inspired and being an inspiration to others. I feel it’s mandatory and obligatory to be one, so the name: Chef Muse.

How do you describe your style of cooking?
I’d say it’s just simple and classy; often, I try new things and I end up creating a model recipe. Culinary service is all about trying new things and coming up with a model style (recipe) that can be adopted by others. But I must bold attest that I end up activating the sweet taste buds of my clients and myself.

Is there a secret ingredient you love to cook with?
The secret ingredient is simple no secret ingredient.. lol

Is there any chef you truly admire and why?
I can say my inlaw ( my elder sister’s husband). I enjoy watching him cook, he is fantastic. Also I truly admire chef stone; I admire his simplicity and his drive for perfection.

What is your favourite meal?
Beans, especially when it’s well prepared.

Tell me about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career?
My past crafts of dexterity has been good and well credited. But i don’t think I’ve gotten to the level of what I really want and what I feel I can do.

Have you been asked to cook at personal gatherings? Does it annoy you or you enjoy it?
Yes I have! It was a pleasure and I always feel honoured with such invitation.lol

How involved are you in the risk management side of the business?
Venturing into a business is assumed that the entrepreneur has some knowledge or an inkling of risk management. I am fully involved, it’s a very critical domain within my business and I don’t want to play around.

Tell me something you would like to learn or improve upon?
Everything that pertains to life demand acquiring new ideas each day. My goal is to be better than I use to be. I want to be better than my yesterday, better than my throwbacks. Therefore there’s always a room for improvement and i totally subscribe to that.

How do you see the eatery scene changing in Nigeria?
I believe people are tired of the conventional and archaic dishes; their taste buds yearn for some nice flavours. Further to that, folks develop less time making meals for themselves, given their daily schedules. Definitely they would resolve to something new, nice and easily reached to keep their hearts pumping…lol

What are your future plans?
To be relevant to my clients within and outside the spheres of this country.

Any message for amateur cooks?
Speaking the words of Denzel Washington: Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. Keep trying till you live in perfection.

Can you help a potential client in locating your restaurant?Oh yes! L’italiano restaurant. we are located at no 19 durban street, wuse II , Abuja. 

How a client can connect with you? 

Tel: 08110895071. Email:muneeratahiru@gmail.com. Instagram : @chef_muse . Twitter: @Seneire

Thanks for your time Chef Muse

Thanks for the opportunity. Its my pleasure.

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