Today, I hosted a live Q&A session with Agbajelola Olasunkanmi Julius, a biomedical scientist who later turned a software developer. He spokes with Oyeniran Adeyinka about his career and his JobsMarket Android App which he recently designed for unemployed and underemployed Nigerians. He is a graduate of physiology, and also holds a Masters degree in physiology from the University of Ibadan.
My interview with him is quite resourceful and for those who want to make a living out of software development, this interview is a sure bet for you.

Can we meet you?

My name is Agbajelola Olasunkanmi, a graduate of Physiology from the University of Ibadan. I’m an indigene of Modakeke, Osun state. I am also a Computer Engineer and Software programmer.

Speaking of learning about programming. How long have you been coding and what did you study in university?
This is my tenth year in computing, I studied Computer Engineering at Osun state polytechnic and Physiology at the University of Ibadan.

You are a trained scientist, what formed your interest in codes?
Alright. I call myself an hybrid. I have a National Diploma in Computer Engineering, and a bachelor degree in Physiology. (Quite unrelated fields but still tightly related). So, I have a good foundation in computing. However, my interest in programming was born when I met one Mr. David, during my Industrial attachment programme at the ITU unit, College of Medicine, UCH. Ibadan around June 2006. Initially, I wasn’t interested in what Mr. David was typing on the LCD screen, but when I saw the output of his codes, I was taken aback. I immediately fell in love with codes.

Did you have some experience with PHP and JavaScript before?
No. Not until year 2016 during my Industrial attachment programme.

How long have you been into software development?
Software development is a large expansive field in computing, so currently am into android development. I ventured into android development, three years ago. Initially, I was programming in PHP and XML and using same to develop websites for various organizations.

What’s your day to day developing Tools like?
I use Slax operating system for debugging system applications.
Android Studio and Eclipse for writing codes, running and debugging package files.
APKtools for application editing and recreation.
Zipsigner for signing apk apps.
LAMP for simulating the webserver for PHP/HTML hosted application.

How did you decide to learn Android rather than something else?
Programming in android java language is more graphical, than other software languages. Java language makes use of object orientation. This makes it easier to create, recreate, and modify easily. Also, android applications can be created easily as they require limited system resources and capital investment.

What would you say are the key skills for your current job?
Anyone can be a computer programmer. What is required is just an undying interest in programming. A would-be computer programmer won’t give up, he or she will think about solutions always.

What’s the thing that you value the most from your job in software development?
The ability to surmount technological challenge of any kind with the right code. My experience in programming has taught me that the solution to every problem in the world is programming.

Following on that, some people think that in software companies all employees are extremely intelligent. What’s your take on that? Does one need some level of intelligence before coding can be done?
Programmers deals with real life problems/challenges so they are bound to think differently. Hence, they automatically develop an elevated level of reasoning. You call it intelligence, but I’ll call it “an elevated level of reasoning”.

Is software development more about having people who want to learn and do new things rather than very intelligent people?
Software development is about learning and creating solutions. During the process of learning, the brain is exercised and intelligence is enhanced. So, one process leads to the other, and the cycle continues.

Can you share some of your patents with my readers? And how can they download these applications?
I’ve developed a series of android apps, most of them can be found on These include:
Redpen App
ExtraNews App,
GreenLyrics App

The JobsMarket Android App is my recent build, it provide information on jobs and scholarship Opportunities. It can be downloaded from

Your recent development was a Job app. Why this at this time?
There is a high surge in unemployment in Nigeria at this moment; hence it is vitally important that a job app that source for genuine job vacancies is available. This app also provides information on recent scholarship offers.

Do you plan to monetize these patents later? For aspiring software developer, how can monetization be done?
All my apps including the JobsMarket App are fully monetized. Aspiring developers can monetized their apps through Google Admob

What’s the part that you find more challenging about your job?
Sourcing for interested app consumers is the most challenging part of my job. This is because of the monotonous thinking pattern of business owners and entrepreneurs in this part of the world. They are unwilling to welcome inventive technological creations that can maximize their profits easily.

How do you see yourself as a software developer in five years?
I can see myself, building complex education apps for schools and higher educational institutions across the world.

Something else you would recommend for our readers?
Self-development is the key to success. You have to keep learning day by day if you desire greatness. Also, if you desire a career in software development, start sourcing for relevant knowledge now.
How can readers get in touch with you?
I’m on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks for your time Mr Julius Agbajelola.
You’re welcome. I am grateful for this opportunity to feature on your blog.

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